Advanced Foot Care


Diabetic ShoeDr. Fisher partipates in the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program in which therapeutic footwear is provided to qualified diabetic patients as a means of protecting their feet. Therapeutic footwear and protective insoles help to reduce calluses that can lead to open sores and infections of the feet.

Under the program's benefits, each qualified patient receives one pair of Extra Depth shoes and three pairs of Protective Inserts once every calendar year.


Patients may qualify for the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program if the following criteria are met:

  1) The patient has diabetes mellitus
  2) The patient has one or more of the following conditions:

  • Previous amputation of the other foot, or part of either foot,
  • History of previous foot ulceration of either foot,
  • History of pre-ulcerative calluses of either foot,
  • Peripheral neuropathy with evidence of callus formation of either foot,
  • Foot deformity of either foot,
  • Poor circulation in either foot;

If your podiatric physician feels you are a candiate for the Diabetic Shoe Program, our staff will contact your primary care physician who will need to verify that you meet the above two conditions and that your are being treated under a comprehensive plan of care for your diabetes.

If you feel you qualify and would like to participate in the Diabetic Shoe Program, contact our office to schedule and appointment.

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